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It's Easy

Why should you sign up for ADESA Rewards? Why not? You're doing business anyway. Why not get rewarded for it?

Signing up is simple. Getting your rewards is even easier. There's no card to carry, no numbers to remember, no secret handshake. Sign up and you're in.

You know that feeling you get when you bid on a car and win? ADESA Rewards is like that—only way better.

Photo of a computer and smart phone using ADESA Rewards

Points you’ll actually use

Have you been wondering how to boost your bottom line? We have too. So we created a rewards program where you'll earn points—for cars that you’re already buying.

Turn your points into ADESA Dollars to use toward buy fees on DealerBlock Prime purchases. Or use your points for fun or for your business. We’re talking travel, electronics, gift cards. The good stuff.

More ways to earn

  • For every eligible vehicle purchased
  • Even more points for special promotions on select vehicles

Some things are easy.
Some things are worthwhile.
Some things are both—like ADESA Rewards.

Sign up today. Go to your ADESA.com account and click ADESA Rewards in the top right. Or launch the ADESA Marketplace app and tap the ADESA Rewards icon at the bottom.

Phto of a desktop computer viewing Rewards promotions

Current Rewards Promotions:

Earn 160 points when you buy any eligible Dealer Consignment vehicle

Rake in the points! More than 20,000 vehicles with a variety of makes and models qualify for this extra reward.

200 points with every eligible purchase on LiveBlock

Earn extra points while you’re on the go with ADESA LiveBlock. Log in and bid from your desktop or mobile device.

Buy from ADESA Brasher’s and earn 500 Rewards points

Purchase any open-sale vehicle or Specialty unit in-lane or online and earn an extra 500 ADESA Rewards points.

Earn 500 points on eligible purchases from ADESA Salt Lake

Purchase every Tuesday at 9 a.m. MT and earn an extra 500 ADESA Rewards points on every eligible purchase in-lane or online.