ADESA Rewards program ends January 7, 2019

As of January 7, 2019, we will discontinue ADESA Rewards. As a member, you will earn points until January 31, 2018. You will also have until March 15, 2019, to redeem your ADESA Rewards points and until May 15, 2019, to use your ADESA Dollars.

We know you have choices of where you buy and sell your inventory, and we appreciate your business and your support of this program. While ADESA Rewards may be ending, we will be rolling out new products and services in 2019 that enhance your customer experience and provide value to your business.

Key program dates:

Thank you again for your participation in this program. If you have any questions about ADESA Rewards or how to redeem your points or ADESA Dollars, please contact ADESA Customer Connection at 888-526-7326.